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Recycled Carbon Fiber to Canoe Paddles

| Articles, Case Studies, Uncategorized | June 22, 2014

SULTAN, WA — Werner Paddles of Sultan, Washington is among the first users of a recycled carbon fiber compound made from scrap fiber from the Boeing Company. RTP Co. of Winona MN has introduced recycled aircraft-grade carbon fibeWerner 2r into compounds that deliver high performance at lower levels than conventional carbon fiber. In a special compound, RTP uses scrap carbon fiber from Boeing’s production of components for its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. RTP worked with the new Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association to adopt the recycled fiber into its new compound.

Werner, the Sulta, WA boating paddle producer found that high levels of virgin carbon fiber in compounds made its paddles visually unattractive. The company wanted a black compound that would provide a smooth finish that would denote high quality while providing high performance. “The material is actually a little bit easier to process, and the system cost between the recycled content carbon fiber compound and virgin alternatives is insignificant,” stated Tim Bailey, engineering manager of Werner’s molder, Kaso Plastics of Vancouver, Wash., in a news release. “Werner’s kayak paddle is a great example of Boeing’s sustainable manufacturing strategy at work, where post-industrial scrap from aircraft production provides a high-performance solution for a consumer product,” noted Bill Carberry, Boeing’s aircraft recycling manager. Plastics News is a sister publication to Waste & Recycling News.

Waste & Recycling News, August 2012

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