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Automotive Wrap Guard – Shipping/Processing By Product

Autowrap films are used for protection when final product removal will be completed at the dealer. This product is the excess or waste that is produced after cutting...

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Processing byproduct

The material is Aluminum Chloride (AlCl3 +6 H20) in aqueous solution with trace amounts of silicon. The pH is 4.

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Foam for cushions, knee pads and more!

I have a steady stream of this good quality foam. It is water proof and strong. Sizing varies from strips about 2 feet by 4+ feet, to smaller chunks and bonded strip...

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Leather and Upholstery Fabric

I have a large supply of high-end leather and upholstery fabric available. Some on rolls, some in smaller pieces. See pictures for examples. this material is in Pion...

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florescent light tubes


Florescent light tubes

We have a large supply of brand new florescent light tubes, they are 3' 25 watt Ecolux W/Starcoat 3500k. We have roughly 2800 tubes all in boxes, they were installe...

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High Density Foam Blocks

This company in Tacoma has a steady stream of high density foam blocks. Great for packaging, sculpture and art constructions and much more! Quantities of plastic fil...

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Wood and Veneer – many sizes

This company in Tacoma has a steady stream of good quality wood in many shapes and volumes. See pictures for a few  examples. There is also high grade veneer in vari...

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Lockers- NEEDED

Exceed Enterprises, a non-profit that provides employment for adults with disabilities is looking for 20 two-tier or three-tier metal lockers. These are for our w...

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Wool and Fur Hat trimmings

Trimmings from Hats include small strips of material from brim of hat. Oval shape pieces between 1/4 to 1/2 wide that are between 12" and 18" long. Colors range from...

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Recycled Wax

Recycled candles cleaned and processed into blocks of wax for other artisans to use. Multiple colors available.

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Ceramic tile


$Varies (See desc.)

- Floor and wall tile - Ceramic and stone - Many sizes and styles - Price range: 10 cents - 2.00 per tile (most tiles under 50 cents per tile)...

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Chemlease MMP 117



Chemlease MPP 117 is used as a mold primer/release agent. This material is expired....

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Heavy Duty Steel Reinforced Wooden Boxes



We are changing out our boxes on a daily basis. There are several hundred boxes available, but only 6 to 10 at a time. Most are good to excellent c...

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Calcium Fluoride sludge



Calcium Fluoride sludge (90 tons/year). Might be used as an ingredient in making cement. Non-hazardous sludge.  ...

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APPLICATIONS CIMSTAR® 55 is recommended for general-purpose machining and grinding of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Metals: Carbon/Cast Steel, Cas...

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Loctite EA 9396 Adhesive



Loctite EA 9396 Adhesive, 1 Kit with A/B Components (expired)....

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florescent light tubes

Florescent light tubes



We have a large supply of brand new florescent light tubes, they are 3' 25 watt Ecolux W/Starcoat 3500k. We have roughly 2800 tubes all in boxes, the...

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$Varies (See desc.)

Doors are always an abundant item at The RE Store. We have a wide variety of pre-hung and loose doors and door hardware. Bring your precise measuremen...

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Hydrochloric Acid



Hydrochloric Acid - There are 4 275 gallon totes and 0n3 55 gallon drum. see MSDS http://www.materialsinnovationexchange.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/1...

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$Varies (See desc.)

Windows come in many different materials, sizes, and functions at The RE Store. These may include wood-framed, vinyl-framed, and as loose glass. Windo...

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Multi-Chlor (Sodium Hypochlorite)

I have a pallet that consists of 23 boxes of Multi-Chlor (sodium hypochlorite) which is an industrial strength disinfectant. Each box contains four one gallon contai...

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Plastic Bottles

1,000’s of bottles a day, rejected because of misplaced labels

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Diversey Products

Static dissipative finish: Dissipates electrostatic charges longer than other products. Formulated to be used with Ground OutTM/MC Cleaner to provide complete sta...

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Lamp fixtures

Lamp fixtures 25 light fixtures - free Gresham Utahna Kerr Gresham Historical Society infoat greshamhistoricalsociety.org

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Plastic cosmetic container cap

Surplus caps. Roughly 1 1/4" in diameter- threaded. Available at a distribution center in Milwaukie, OR. Approximately 37,000 available, boxed.

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Varies (See desc.)


Doors are always an abundant item at The RE Store. We have a wide variety of pre-hung and loose doors and door hardware. Bring your precise measurements down to eith...

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3M Cornerstone

3M Cornerstone (2.5) floor sealer/finish. Used for hard floor maintenance. MSDS attached.

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Recycled Wax Blocks

Recycled paraffin wax. Colors available are red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white, brown, purple, and tan. The shades may vary between light, medium, and dark. These...

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