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SBR Pipe Gaskets

6" to 20" SBR Water Pipe Gaskets

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Linseed Oil

5 55 gallon drums of Linseed Oil left over after retirement. Dropped off at our HHW site. Drums can be portioned into smaller portions, but pickup as whole drums wo...

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Recycled Wax Blocks

Recycled paraffin wax. Colors available are red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white, brown, purple, and tan. The shades may vary between light, medium, and dark. These...

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Hop bags – Mylar / foil

Hops are received in foil, mylar-like bags that we are not able to recycle. Could have great reuse potential. Very sturdy and extreme insulating and vapor barrier pr...

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Granular Deicer

The material is granular anhydrous sodium acetate solid deicer compound (Cryotech NAAC). The material is still in bags. The facility has switched to another deicing ...

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WANTED: scraps of vinyl flooring

I am looking for scraps of vinyl flooring from construction, I am making sandals using it as the sole. It's a great material for this purpose, and I need pieces of a...

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Lots of bubble wrap and foam blocks available for pickup

See photos below. We have quite a bit of material, so we would like to find another home for this material instead of just recycling it. It's in good shape, but ther...

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Plastic cosmetic container cap

Surplus caps. Roughly 1 1/4" in diameter- threaded. Available at a distribution center in Milwaukie, OR. Approximately 37,000 available, boxed.

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Shell by-product from Coconut juice manufacturing

Our 100% organic fresh whole young coconut water is growing very fast with our partnership with Charlie's Produce and our launching into Wholefoods. Our business mod...

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LDE Foam – Looking for a recycle/reuse method for waste

Hello, We generate ~ a 20yd dumpster per month of fine-celled, irradiation crosslinked LDE polyethylene foam. Today that material goes into the landfill. We are look...

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Ceramic tile


$Varies (See desc.)

- Floor and wall tile - Ceramic and stone - Many sizes and styles - Price range: 10 cents - 2.00 per tile (most tiles under 50 cents per tile)...

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Chemlease MMP 117



Chemlease MPP 117 is used as a mold primer/release agent. This material is expired....

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Heavy Duty Steel Reinforced Wooden Boxes



We are changing out our boxes on a daily basis. There are several hundred boxes available, but only 6 to 10 at a time. Most are good to excellent c...

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Calcium Fluoride sludge



Calcium Fluoride sludge (90 tons/year). Might be used as an ingredient in making cement. Non-hazardous sludge.  ...

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APPLICATIONS CIMSTAR® 55 is recommended for general-purpose machining and grinding of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Metals: Carbon/Cast Steel, Cas...

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Loctite EA 9396 Adhesive



Loctite EA 9396 Adhesive, 1 Kit with A/B Components (expired)....

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florescent light tubes

Florescent light tubes



We have a large supply of brand new florescent light tubes, they are 3' 25 watt Ecolux W/Starcoat 3500k. We have roughly 2800 tubes all in boxes, the...

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$Varies (See desc.)

Doors are always an abundant item at The RE Store. We have a wide variety of pre-hung and loose doors and door hardware. Bring your precise measuremen...

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Hydrochloric Acid



Hydrochloric Acid - There are 4 275 gallon totes and 0n3 55 gallon drum. see MSDS http://www.materialsinnovationexchange.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/1...

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$Varies (See desc.)

Windows come in many different materials, sizes, and functions at The RE Store. These may include wood-framed, vinyl-framed, and as loose glass. Windo...

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Deburring beads, grinding stones and knife sheaths

Sharpening stone/wheel; ceramic medium crush for blade sharpening; sheaths, though internal lining will prevent material from being used toward manufacture of carpet...

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Computer boards

Computer boards made of MDF pressboard. brenty at imselectronics.com

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SBR Pipe Gaskets

6" to 20" SBR Water Pipe Gaskets

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Food Grade Containers

5 gallon food-grade flavor containers both in plastic and metal (by the pallet)

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Assorted Packaging Material

Packing material is like new. Comes straight out of the box and placed in bags for recycle. Former resource was able to resell most of the material in small retail s...

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Thermal plastic hose

Thermal plastic hose has hydraulic oil in it. Altec Industries,  henry.spang at altec.com

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Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyor

36" wide conveyor with 1.9"dia rollers. Also have ball transfer sections and Omtec air-controlled ball sections, gates and scissor lift sections. Al equipment is in ...

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Electroconductive carbon black

Brand New! Unused electroconductive carbon black approx 600 lbs in airlock containers. Ketjenblack EC-600JD & EC-300KJ, possibly for semi-conductor industry, ...

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Varies (See desc.)

Ceramic tile

- Floor and wall tile - Ceramic and stone - Many sizes and styles - Price range: 10 cents - 2.00 per tile (most tiles under 50 cents per tile)

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Biosolids 20,000 tons, Class B+ Clark County, Pete.Dubois at clark.wa.gov

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