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Used Conveyor Belting

| What Can I Do With... | November 1, 2012


Tough, durable, used conveyor belting provides a wealth of re-use options from farm animal mats to truck bed liners and snow plow guards.

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Advertising Billboard Vinyls

| What Can I Do With... | October 26, 2012

Long after an ad campaign dies, see how billboard advertising vinyls are repurposed into great tarps, covers, and liners.

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Ramping up the Materials Innovation Exchange

| Exchange News | August 21, 2012

materials innovation exchange

Though we are still Beta, NBIS has been showcasing the Materials Innovation Exchange around town.

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The RE Store Creates Affordable, Quality Furniture from Reclaimed Materials (and you can too!)

| Articles, Materials & Applications, What Can I Do With... | August 10, 2012

Doors, cabinet doors, reclaimed wood, used hardware and other materials are being upcycled into chests, tables, armoires, cabinets and other household and garden items.

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Getting to Zero at DuPont

| Articles, Case Studies, Materials & Applications, What Can I Do With... | May 24, 2012

This article is reprinted with the permission of the author, Marc Gunther Zero is a good number when it comes to sustainability. Zero emissions. Net-zero energy buildings. And of course, zero waste. Zero waste is radical. It’s attainable. It’s good business. And it’s cool. I’ve been excited by the idea of zero waste ever since

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Repurposed Materials Company Finds Solutions and Business Opportunities

| Articles, Case Studies, Materials & Applications, What Can I Do With... | May 12, 2012

Repurposed Materials company is dedicated to finding materials that can no longer be used in their original industry and making them available for consumers to resourcefully re-use in a different application.

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NewWood turns low value waste into high value building materials

| Articles, Materials & Applications, What Can I Do With... | May 3, 2012

closeup of New Wood Product

With a growing population and finite resources, businesses and consumers need to use their resources more wisely to survive in a global economy and a more crowded planet. NewWood’s goal is to be at the forefront of the sustainable building revolution.

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Extracting Value from Old Tires – Sustainably

| Articles, Materials & Applications, What Can I Do With... | May 3, 2012

Reklaim, Inc. is a next-generation technology company that is transforming the way the world manages scrap tires. The company is launching a new sector in the Green Economy— manufacturing high quality, competitively priced products; generating attractive economic returns; providing a beneficial new use for scrap tires; reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and conserving valuable energy resources.

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Steel Shot Blast Dust

| Case Studies | October 20, 2011

Nucor Steel Suit

Genie Industries is a global company building all kinds of aerial work platforms, booms and lifts. Genie’s Washington State plants are in Redmond and Moses Lake. Nucor Steel is one of the largest manufacturers of steel from recycled and reclaimed steel material. Its plant is based in West Seattle.

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Mattress Recycling

| Case Studies | October 20, 2011

Mattress Recycling at Correctional Industries

Washington State Correctional Industries Conserving Resources and Building Job Skills Company Background: The mission of Correctional Industries (CI) is to maintain and expand offender work training programs which develop marketable skills, instill and promote positive work ethics and reduce the tax burden of corrections. CI utilizes a blend of business and government, using private industry

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