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5 ways to get the most from your material post

| Exchange News | November 20, 2013

Get the most from your posts

Posting on the Materials Innovation Exchange is really easy but take a couple of minutes more to really elevate the quality of your post. Below are 5 key aspects worth getting right.

1. Write clear titles

Be simple and clear in your post. The less words the better. For example: “Neoprene Wetsuits.”  This allows people to quickly scan items and see you in the rotating Featured Listings at the top of the Materials Exchange page.


2. Don’t skimp on describing your materials

The biggest mistake people make when posting is having no description or a limited description. This says to the viewer, “I don’t really care about this material.” Remember you’re trying to sell or offer it to someone for free. If you want someone to take what you are offering, provide a description even if you think you’ve already answered it from some of the questions required when you post. Does it have dimensions? How much do you have? Do you have ongoing quantities? Can it be used for something else? Can you describe what it was used for? Any additional info you can provide is going to work in your favor. Don’t be too wordy, but at least one or two sentences at the minimum and one paragraph maximum. The picture below shows a good example of the way this person described their materials.


3. Ad Tags are important!

Ad Tags are keywords for your ads. Remember people are searching for materials, so if you have something like “Neoprene Wetsuits” use the Tags area to define it better. Use commas between words when you have multiple words. Repeat the name of the item and use other keywords to help describe the item. In the example above, you can see this person’s string of Ad Tags.

Helpful Hints: Another great keyword if you are a frequent poster is to put the name of your company as one of the tags. By doing this, it allows people you may want to reach to search your goods by your name. You may also come across a word that is spelled both as singular word and as two separate words. For example one poster had neoprene wetsuits. Your keywords would be: neoprene, wetsuits, wet, suits, etc. It’s okay to be redundant in your keywords, but only if it makes sense.

4. Pictures are critical

It may seem insignificant when you are putting so much effort into a description, but a picture of the simplest item speaks volumes. Plus with mobile phones these days it’s super easy for you or someone in a warehouse to take a quick picture. Make sure you show the entire item if possible or if there is a large quantity take a picture of the entire stack and then take a detail shot. Including a picture more than anything can help move your material. You won’t leave your viewer guessing if you forget to put something in your description.This person’s picture may not be great, but you at least get an idea of what the material is. They also put in a quarter to help define the scale of the material. Smart!

5. Avoid posting your email or phone number in the description area


It may seem obvious but unlike Craigslist, we encourage you not to post a phone number or an email in your description. Certainly don’t post one for someone else. If you are a registered poster, your email address is already registered and people can contact you through the “Contact Tab” found on the right side of every ad. This is a security feature that will help keep your information private. It also provides a means for you to know that someone is contacting you directly from the Materials Innovation Exchange.


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